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What can I order from the USA?

Everything from children's toys to car parts, except for what is on the list of prohibited items. Should you have any doubts about the possibility of delivering goods from the USA to Ukraine, please contact our managers, and we will answer your questions.

What cannot be ordered from the USA? - The list of prohibited Items!

Below is the list of prohibited goods. An attempt to send anything from this can lead to criminal liability, fines and even imprisonment.

• Piercing and cutting objects, knives, including axes or tourist axes.

• Weapons, including accessories for them (cartridges, storage bags, storage cases, flashlights/weapon sights, equipment, clips, mounts); tripods/stands for weapons (can be used for military purposes); paintball weapons and accessories; moveable weapon components; military uniform and accessories; paralytic liquid cans; goods marked as “Tactical”; crossbows, bows, including for sports shooting.

• Explosives, pyrotechnics.

• Fire extinguishers and bulletproof vests.

• Drones.

• Radioactive substances.

• Replicas (copies) of brands.

• Car parts that contain petroleum products, oils, liquids.

• Flammable or corrosive liquids.

• Live or non-live animals, seeds, plant seedlings, samples of mineral stones.

• Precious metals/gems.

• Money or stocks, bonds, checks, antiques (paintings, coins, etc.).

• Documents: letters; securities; passports; birth certificates.

• Pharmaceuticals, medicines (vitamins and dietary supplements are allowed).

• Medical equipment, any medical accessories, instruments, devices.

• Tobacco and tobacco products/accessories: hookahs; vapes; e-cigarettes.

• Drugs and drugs of any origin, CBD oil.

• Alcohol.

• Food products; perishable goods the transportation of which requires a temperature regime.

• Pornographic materials.

• Quadcopters.

• All items requiring a US export license.

• Any military goods.

• Portable video cameras, listening devices, signal jammers and other dual-use goods.

• Electric transport and its components: electric scooters; scooters; segways; drones.

• Animal feed.

• Any expired products.

• Goods prohibited for delivery by the legislation of Ukraine and the Customs Law.

Products that are prohibited for air, but allowed for sea shipment and economy delivery:

• Goods weighing more than 30 kg, if not prohibited by the list above.

• Perfume/testers, aerosols, dispensers, mists.

• Accumulators, lithium batteries, power banks.

• Life jackets, car airbags.

• Shock absorbers.

• Corrosive and flammable substances (paints, adhesives, chemicals, flammable resins, solvents, liquids, compressed air, goods that contain any gases, alcohols, acids, lacquers, etc.).

Delivery of goods from such stores as digikey.com, mouser.com, as well as Raspberry Pi microcomputers, must be agreed in advance. To send the goods of this type, you need to provide an invoice and a bank statement, copy of your passport, photo of the bank card, statement in any form that the goods will be used only for personal purposes.

If you have not found your product on the prohibited list but still have doubts, please contact us for advice before buying. We will be happy to help you understand the ins and outs.

What is the Express Sea service?

The regular shipping time by sea is 5–6 weeks. Shipping with the Express Sea service means delivery within a minimum period of time during 5 weeks.

What are the specifics of shipping by sea?

Shipping by sea provides an opportunity to deliver large cargo and cargo within the loading range as well as goods prohibited for air transportation. The minimum estimated weight of one parcel is 3.5 kg. The shipping rate is almost two times cheaper than shipping by air.

What is the delivery term for the Express Sea service?

5 weeks from the date of dispatch from the USA.

What is the minimum and maximum shipping weight for the Express Sea service?

The minimum estimated weight of one parcel is 3.5 kg (the weight of the parcel may be less, but the rate will be charged as for 3.5 kg). The maximum weight of one parcel should not exceed 50 kg.

Is the consolidation service possible for shipping by sea?

Each parcel is shipped under its own track number, so parcels are not combined and the consolidation service is not provided. This may be revised in the case of corporate shipments.

What is the rate of the Express Sea service?

The shipping rate is USD 4.99 for 1 kg. The minimum shipping rate is USD 17.5.

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