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How to register on eBay?


eBay is the world’s largest auction site. The variety of goods on it will satisfy anyone, however, delivery from it is not always available to Ukraine. Many sellers ignore Ukraine because of problems with our mail service. Moreover, due to the same problems, eBay is in no hurry to create a branch in Ukraine, so in order to be able to receive most of the goods from this huge online store, you need to get an American address when registering on our website.

The registration form on eBay must be filled out in English (Latin letters). In order to get an American address, you must first register on easyXpress.com.ua.
To start registration on the website, go to the main page of eBay.com. The page will open in a new window.
Register and use this page to guide you.

Find “Sign in or register” in the upper left corner of the eBay.com main page, click Register and wait until the next page with the registration form is fully loaded.

Fill out a simple registration form, providing the site with minimal personal information. All fields MUST be filled in Latin (English) letters. All fields are required. If you want to register an account for a legal entity, click “Create a business account”.

The email address is your email, please enter it manually both times as it cannot be copied and pasted.

First and last name with a prefix EZX.

Password: you need to enter a password (at least 6 characters, use Latin letters in different cases and numbers). Do not come up with a simple password and never share it with anyone, even if you receive an email very similar to that from eBay. Scammers often use fake emails from eBay.

Click Register to confirm registration and agree to eBay’s user agreement (terms) and privacy policy.
Then eBay will offer to choose an ID and generate it itself. If you don't like the long ID, you can change it.

This completes the basic registration. You can view all products, sellers, eBay Stores and everything else without exception.
But in order to be able to place bids and purchase goods, you need to completely fill out your profile on the website, indicating the correct address of residence and at least one delivery address (for purchased goods).

In order to enter the addresses of residence and delivery, go to your account (My eBay). Log into eBay.com, select the appropriate tab and click Summary.

Now select the Account tab and then Addresses.

First you need to add the Registration Address, i.e. the address of your residence (the address you can give documentary evidence for if anything happens).
Please also add Primary Shipping Address. This is the address that will be sent to sellers when purchasing goods. You can use several delivery addresses, and they can be located in different countries.
This is how the address form looks like (only in Latin letters, in English).
And this is how EasyXpress clients fill it out. Do not forget that the apartment number must be yours, taken from the profile on the site.

Having entered any of your addresses, you may be asked for credit card details to verify your identity.

The system itself determines to whom this verification process should be applied. Enter the number on the front of the card, then select its expiration date and indicate the Card Identification Number, the last three digits on the back. Pay attention to the Cardholder Information column. It is filled with the data entered on registration, and if it does not coincide with those indicated when the card was issued, please change it by clicking Change.

An equivalent of one dollar will be blocked on the credit card account, then unlocked.
Now, for full-fledged shopping at any of the eBay branches, you just have to link your PayPal account to your account (if you already have one).
PayPal is the most popular payment method at the auction, and most transactions are carried out through it.
Select PayPal Account in My eBay.

If you don't have a PayPal account yet, click Sign up (left). If you already have one, in order to link your eBay and PayPal accounts, please click the button on the right and enter the details (the email address that was used when registering on PayPal).

For more information about registering on PayPal, click here.
Once the credit card is linked, you can start shopping on the site and, thanks to the address provided by easyXpress.com.ua, use delivery within the United States.
Enjoy your shopping!


How do I register on Amazon?

To become an Amazon customer, free registration is enough. It will take you 10–15 minutes. Registration will give you access to thousands of different products from America that can be purchased online. If you need clothes from America, books, toys, music CDs and, of course, e-books, this is the place for you.

Amazon has many branches in other countries besides USA. If you accidentally register with one of them, it will still give you the option to use your username and password for the US branch.
Amazon’s US branch is the most popular one.
It’s easy to register there; at the first stage, you only need your email. The registration form should be filled in in English (Latin letters).
First you need to go to the main page of the site.

At the top right of the main page, please select Your Account and click Start Here in the menu that opens, near “New customer?”.

A registration form will appear. Here you need to enter
Your name,
and password again.
After that, please click “Create your Amazon account”.

This completes the first registration stage. After that, you will be taken to the main page, from where you need to go to your account.

There you need to enter the address. Look for the Settings section and Add new address.

Here you need to specify the main address, the one that was issued to you when registering on easyXpress.com.ua.

Now all that remains is to add your credit card details.

To do this, please go back to your account and find the subsection Manage Payment options.

In the opened page, please select Add Credit/debit card.

On the next page, you will be asked to enter the billing address. Or choose the one that you have specified as the delivery address.

Practice proves that it works both ways.

If you decide to use the Ukrainian address, you must specify it in Latin letters.

After saving your data, you can start shopping.
Enjoy your shopping!

How to check the trustworthiness of an eBay seller?

Literally everyone can be a seller on eBay, be it a brand (a legal entity) or an ordinary random man who found something in the attic and decided to sell it.

Therefore, there is always the possibility of falling for scammers. There are many fraud types on eBay. The most frequent of them are:

- You pay for the product, but it does not get sent to you.

- The item arrived does not match the description (for example, instead of a new phone you receive a used one), is of poor quality, or you have just received an empty box with no product.

- Selling fakes (when instead of a $2,000 Chanel bag comes an obvious fake worth $20 on a market day).

Naturally one would ask,how to check the seller on eBay?

eBay actually takes security very seriously. Therefore, it allows users to create seller ratings on eBay.

What should you pay attention to?

- The date of seller registration. Best if it is more than two years ago. Having a high rating means that the seller is sincere.

- The ratio of positive and negative reviews. Ideally, the rating should be between 99 and 100 percent. But if there are some negative reviews, please pay attention to when they were left. If they were left recently, it is better not to buy from this seller.

- Read reviews. If your English is not very good, use an online translator. If there are few negative reviews or only one, maybe the buyer is the problem, which also happens.

- Pay attention to the detailed seller rating (stars). Any buyer gets the opportunity to rate the seller on eBayaccording to the star system, which includes compliance of the description with the goods arrived, communication (how quickly the seller reacted to your questions, if any), delivery time, cost of delivery and packaging.

After the purchase, the seller will immediately rate you. And you are not in a hurry. In order to rate the seller oneBay, you will have to wait until your product arrives.

How to search on eBay?

Millions of products are sold on eBay. At first glance, finding exactly what you need is simply impossible. But there are two rules, following which you will be able to use eBay search the right way.

First, you need to know exactly what you want to buy. If you don’t know that, shopping on eBay will turn into aimless wandering around the store like a maze.

Second, you need to decide on the cost.

Ready? Then you can go and look for your new purchase.

If your knowledge of English is not as great as you would like, translate your request through an online translator. The basic product search on eBay is very simple: enter a query and you get an endless stream of products relevant to it.

Of course, it is best to make your request as clear as possible. If you, for example, are looking for an iPhone, then it is better to indicate that you want a new iPhone 5s, because simply by requesting “iPhone”, you will receive not only all phone models, but also all possible accessories for them: cases, cables, protective films, etc.

This list can be reduced by selecting the following options from the menu on the left.

- Only auction or only “Buy now”

- Product category (in the case of iPhone it will be Cell Phones & Smartphones).

- Technical data (3G, GPS, etc.)

- Memory size

- Condition (new, used, for parts, etc.)

- Cost (minimum and maximum)

- Delivery (paid or free)

- Etc.

When you check the boxes in all the options, the search scope will narrow down so that you can scroll it through and select the necessary product in a short time.

These options may differ for different products (color, size of shoes or clothes, etc.). Following this example, you can quickly understand how to search for items on eBay.

When are the best discounts in American stores?

January 1st. New Year Sales

Since the main winter holiday in the USA is Christmas, not New Year’s Eve, New Year’s sales are not as big as Christmas ones. Delivery to stores begins on January 2, so there will be no “stuck” parcels due to festive commotions.

February 14th. Saint Valentine’s Day

Or simply Valentine’s Day. On this holiday, it is customary to give each other gifts reminding of love and romance: sweets, jewelry and toys in the shape of a heart, postcards with confessions (including anonymous ones), and, according to statistics, a large number of Americans also propose to their significant others. The holiday is already known in our country, Europe and Asia, but it is still not as popular anywhere else as in the USA .

Before the holiday, American stores often hold sales and promotions for items with love symbols and jewelry. About two weeks before the holiday, you can buy goods “for him and for her”. It can be anything from wedding rings to sneakers. For example, two pairs of sweaters for the price of one.

Third Monday in February. Presidents’ Day

This is a holiday that used to be dedicated to the birthday of George Washington, so it is only celebrated in the USA.

Many stores are organizing short-term sales for this day. First of all, this applies to patriotic stores and goods, as well as country and western goods. It means there is a chance to buy cowboy boots or shirts cheaper than usual.

March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day

This holiday moved to USA from Great Britain and Ireland along with the first settlers, that is, quite a long time ago. Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland.

Many stores hold various promotions and sales in honor of this holiday. There is a great chance to buy something emerald green at a discount since this color is symbolic for St. Patrick’s Day.

Somewhere between March 22nd and April 25th. Catholic Easter

The symbol of Easter in the West is not only a decorated egg, but also a rabbit that brings these eggs.

Basically, the stores sell out religious good during this period. But since Easter has entered the social life long ago, discounts may also be on food (chocolate Easter bunnies) and other goods that have nothing to do with the holiday directly.

Second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day

Unlike March 8th, only mothers and pregnant women are congratulated on this day. This is an extremely family holiday. It is customary for children to give gifts to their mothers.

Before this date, stores hold campaigns and discounts on women’s goods, and not only those that can be given as a gift: it also applies to clothes, underwear, and cosmetics.

Third Sunday in June. Father’s Day

This is also a family holiday when men who have children are congratulated. It has been celebrated in the USA since 1966.

It would be logical to assume that the stores make big discounts and hold various campaigns for men’s goods on this day.

July 4th. Independence Day

The day when the US Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 is the largest patriotic holiday in the United States.

Many American stores hold campaigns for certain types of goods for this day, or have their entire assortment discounted on July 1st and 2nd.

First Monday in September. Labor Day

This holiday has been celebrated in the United States since 1880. Street processions dedicated to the solidarity of workers are held on this day. It is also the unofficial holiday of the end of summer, and it is customary (if the weather permits) to spend it outdoors, as, in fact, July 4th.

Therefore, for this holiday you can buy all the goods for camping and BBQ at discounts. Plenty of stores are also having huge sales of summer clothes, as if hinting that summer is over.

October 31st. Halloween

All Saints' Eve. The holiday has pagan roots, so it is celebrated very merrily, like other pagan holidays. On this day, children dress up in costumes of evil spirits and go from house to house begging for sweets. Adults go to costume parties.

This holiday is so much fun that it is now popular not only in the USA but even in our country.

Before Halloween, sales are held by youth stores, and you can buy a costume for half the price two weeks before the holiday. As for the rest, almost all stores have sales either for the entire assortment or only for certain products one way or another.

Fourth Friday of November. Black Friday

This is the first Friday after Thanksgiving. On this day, the Christmas sales begin and last until December 25th. Despite the fact that this is not an official holiday or not a holiday at all, many take a day off on this date. Therefore, all stores offer the maximum possible discounts.

Cyber Monday

Coming immediately after Black Friday. Office workers return to work and start shopping online for Christmas. This day, online stores offer the most incredible discounts of the whole year.

December 25th. Christmas

Since it is customary to give gifts to relatives on Christmas (like we do on New Year’s Eve), Christmas discounts are the greatest and the most generous of the whole year.

But note that you can find a good selection of gifts only at the very beginning of sales; the closer to Christmas, the more difficult it is to find the necessary size or model. Plus, processing slows down at this time and the mail service is overloaded (and this happens not only in the USA, but around the world too), so goods delivery becomes slower during Christmas sales.

How do I use discount coupons?

Here is a list of sites that will help you to save a lot while shopping in American online stores.

Here you can find coupons for discounts, information on sales, promotions, and other nice things.
Before paying for your purchase in the store, take a look at one (or all) of these sites. There is a high probability that you will find a discount coupon there.
Coupon codes usually looks like a set of letters and numbers like this: WELUVU20, or like this: VIP. It must be entered into a special code box when ordering. After entering the code, the cost will be reduced by the percent or dollars specified in the terms of the coupon.
It is always a pleasure to save money, isn’t it? Happy shopping!

http://www.retailmenot.com/ http://www.fatwallet.com/ http://www.couponcabin.com/ http://www.ebates.com/ http://www.coolsavings.com

How do I track my Amazon purchase?

To ensure that the package is not lost, we ask you to register the tracking number that Amazon gives you after purchase.

For some reason, many register the Order Number instead, which, unfortunately, does not help in tracking the parcel.

Therefore, we will tell you where to find the Tracking Number that needs to be indicated when registering a parcel.

Firstly, after your order has been sent, you will receive an email with a button like this.

If there is no button, there will be clickable text instead: “Track Your package”in blue.

When you click on the button/link, you will be redirected to your Amazon profile, where you can see the Tracking Number in the upper right corner.

Second, you can always go toYour orders and find the same button or text in orders that have already been sent but are not yet delivered.

What does the Tracking Number look like?

It can consist of only numbers, for example, like this: 9400115901096293391994.

Or contain one or more letters. Like this: 1Z602AW60283834284. This number needs to be registered on our website.

Tracking Number cannot contain hyphens or dashes. Anything that looks like this: 104-4272159-9711404 is an Order Number.

Please be careful when registering parcels on the site!

Will there be a tax on purchases in the USA? (Sales tax)

Our warehouse is located in a tax-free state, so the sales tax is not charged.

Shopping in american stores are easy!

Get US address + Make an order + Take product

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