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Minimum shipping rate
USD 17.5*
minimum estimated weight 3.5 kg.
USD 4.99
for one kg"
Shipping terms
5 weeks*
from the moment of dispatch from the USA
AIR PARCEL DELIVERY FROM USA (for all parcels less than 1.5m long)
Minimum shipping rate
USD 17.5*
minimum estimated weight 3.5 kg.
USD 4.99
for one kg"
Shipping terms
5 weeks*
from the moment of dispatch from the USA

Frequently asked questions about the Express Sea service

What is the Express Sea service?

Regular shipping time by sea is 5–6 weeks. Shipping with the Express Sea service means delivery within a minimum period of time during 4 weeks.

What are the specifics of shipping by sea?

Shipping by sea provides an opportunity to deliver large cargo and cargo within the loading range as well as goods prohibited for air transportation. The minimum estimated weight of one parcel is 3.5 kg. The shipping rate is almost two times cheaper than shipping by air.

What cannot be delivered by sea?

Below is the list of goods prohibited for sea shipment. An attempt to send anything from this list by sea can lead to criminal liability, fines and even imprisonment.

• Dangerous goods: swords, knives (including folding knives), multitools, tourist axe, weapons and spare parts/accessories for them (optics, bushel, paintball guns), explosives, fireworks, radioactive materials, disassembled components of arms and armaments

• Car parts that have a numbered frame (engines, generators, gearboxes or any parts of them that contain oil products, gas shock absorbers, airbags, batteries, etc.)

• Electric transport and its components (hoverboards, gyroboards, segways)

• Fire extinguishers, life jackets or bulletproof vests

• Lithium batteries (except when included in the factory kit with a phone, laptop, tablet or other electrical devices)

• Live or non-living animals, seeds, seedlings, samples of mineral stones

• Money or stocks, bonds, antiques (paintings, coins, etc.), precious metals, bijoux

• Documents, letters, securities

• Passports, birth certificates, documents, letters, securities

• Pornographic materials

• Medicines, drugs (except for vitamins, dietary supplements and sport proteins up to 10 kg in one parcel)

• Tobacco and tobacco products, accessories for tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and their components

• Animal skins, furs, ivory and ivory products, jewelry

• Food

• Alcohol

• Military uniforms and accessories

• Single-board microcomputers, such as Raspberry Pi microprocessors (only shipped when a list of documents is provided)

• All goods from the following stores:, (shipped only if a list of documents is provided)

• All goods for which an export license is required under the US law (without such license)

• Military goods

• Goods that require special temperature conditions

• Goods for which a permit from the Ministry of Health is required

What can be delivered by sea?

Everything from children's toys to car parts, except for what is indicated on the above list of prohibited items. The following goods prohibited for shipping by air can also be shipped by sea:

• Aerosols, dispensers (perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, etc.)

• Corrosive and flammable substances (paints, adhesives, chemicals, flammable resins, solvents, liquids, compressed air, goods that contain any gases, alcohols, acids, lacquers, etc.)

• Household goods that contain flammable or corrosive liquids

• Magnets or objects that contain ferromagnetic materials

• Pet food

What is the rate of the Express Sea service?

The shipping rate is USD 4.99 for 1 kg. The minimum shipping rate is USD 17.5.

What are the shipping terms?

4 weeks from the date of dispatch from the USA.

What is the minimum and maximum shipping weight?

The minimum estimated weight of one parcel is 3.5 kg (the weight of the parcel may be less, but the rate will be charged as for 3.5 kg). The maximum weight of one parcel should not exceed 50 kg.

Is consolidation possible?

Each parcel is shipped under its own track number, so parcels are not combined and the consolidation service is not provided. This may be revised in the case of corporate shipments.

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